Soundproofing Solutions for Walls, Windows and Curtains

Soundproofing an Existing Ceiling

What will you do when your roof is someone’s floor and that someone happens to be unaware that what they consider to be music is just noise? It’s either his TV is too loud or his footsteps are like that of a giant. Such noise can make you go crazy especially when you are trying to have a good night rest after a very stressful day at work. And since the noise don’t bother him one bit (obviously because it is his noise) you now seem to be the one at his mercy. Something has to be done.

Going to war with your neighbour doesn’t seem like a smart way to handle this and why go through the stress of moving out of the apartment when there is something you can do to stop the noise. All it will cost you is some financial commitment then you can bid noise bye forever. All you have to do is to soundproof your ceiling.

If you are looking to go ahead with soundproofing your ceiling, then check out the following soundproofing products and make a choice.

Almabner Soundproofing Foams

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Almabner is a very good insulation foam material made up of polyurethane. It is widely used in recording studios and theatres, which means it’s a great sound proofer even for a home.


  • It is made with a flame retardant material. 
  • It has a high density which means it can keep sound at bay.
  • It is a good sound acoustic and audio reflective material.
  •  It is non-toxic and odourless.
  • The sponge-like texture makes it a good sound insulator


  • Since it is made of polyurethane, it emits black smoke whenever there is a fire. This means there will be a lot of black smoke in case of a fire outbreak.

Suspended Ceiling Board Acoustic Tiles

Suspended Ceiling FINE ND FISSURED Board Acoustic Tiles 595mm x...
  • Fine ND Fissured Square Edge Suspended Ceiling Tiles
  • Acoustic False Ceiling for Sound Attenuation or Absorption
  • Ideal For Offices, Schools, Hospitals & Retails Outlets

This will make a great choice for your ceiling. It is made out of mineral fibre. It is the soundproofing material used in the library, music or language room where silence is a top priority; blocking all sorts of sound coming from outside or above the room.


  • It is easy to install and easy to replace in case of repairs.
  • It insulates against heat, absorbs sound and is fireproof.
  • It comes in various textures and beautiful designs. You could use the opportunity to design your ceiling and give it that perfect look.
  • It can be cut to fill smaller spaces in your ceiling.
  • It is aesthetically better for a ceiling.
  • As a suspended ceiling it can cover wires and pipes in the ceiling.
  • It reflects light very well.
  • It is resistant to humidity.

  • It is very expensive since they have to be suspended under another ceiling.
  • The room could end up looking cramped because suspended ceilings normally take a few inches.
  • Unless the room’s ceiling is very high above the floor.
  • Suspended ceilings can be very unstable during earthquakes or fires.

Acoustic Foam Panels Soundproofing Studio Foam Wedge Tiles

Acoustic Foam Panels Soundproofing Studio Foam Wedge Tiles...
  • HIGH QUALITY Material Studio Foam. Maintain their sound proofing features. They...
  • MITIGATE SLAP and flutter echoes, waves and reverb in all rooms. Maximum sound...
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Acoustic foam panels are created in the shape of wedges to have a larger area to absorb sound.


  • It is a fire retardant.
  • It can be trimmed to fit your ceilings.
  • It can be installed permanently by using glue if you own the apartment or temporarily by using push pins if you are a renter.
  • It absorbs sound frequency; from low to high frequencies.
  • Aside from insulating and absorbing sound, it also absorbs shocks.
  • It is very strong, this is because it is made with the polyurethane which does not melt when heated.
  • It is perfect for homes, offices, studios and theatres.


  • Since they are made in the form of wedge tiles, the acoustic foam panels will be ineffective in soundproofing if the tiles are placed incorrectly. It is best if a professional is contracted to install it so you don’t end up leaving gaps that will make the sound pass through.
  • Yes, they are fire retardants, but they emit black smoke when in contact with fire because they are made from polyurethane. It might not be a great choice in cases of a fire outbreak.

Going through the cons for the products made with polyurethane, it seems the emission of black smoke when there is a fire is the only major disadvantage. Still, they are great soundproofing materials you should consider when you want to soundproof your apartment.

The wonderful thing about these products is that you don’t need construction of any sort. Even the suspended ceiling is not constructed to the ceiling, it is only attached with the help of a very strong adhesive glue.

Now that you know how to go about soundproofing your ceiling, it is pertinent you pay attention to the following tips before you go ahead with soundproofing.

Tips To Note Before Soundproofing

  1. You need to know the type of sound you are trying to insulate. Is it an impact sound like footsteps, banging the door or airborne sounds like loud conversations? Knowing this will help you choose the right soundproofing material.

  2. What type of ceiling is your already existing ceiling? What is it made of; wood or concrete? If it is wood, then the acoustic foam panels and Almabner soundproofing foams will do a great job soundproofing. If it is concrete, then you should consider a suspended ceiling which will definitely weigh more than the other materials and concrete will be able to hold it.

  3. This tip may have nothing to do with its effectiveness but when choosing any soundproofing material for your ceiling, do well to choose the one with a beautiful design that will bring more beauty to your apartment. These materials come in various designs and colours. It will be great to have an apartment with an aesthetic look.