Soundproofing Solutions for Walls, Windows and Curtains

How to Soundproof Your Door with Household Items

Noise will happen; there is no stopping it. What you can stop is how the noise affects you, and this can be done when you soundproof your door.

Most doors on the norm are not thick or dense enough to block the noise from coming into your home. Even high-quality doors have their shortcomings. There are tons of expensive soundproofing options out there, but those options aren’t always available for everyone. So, let’s look at options that you can make work with materials available in your home:

5 Ways to Soundproof Your Door with Household Items

Place a Rug/Carpet under the Door

If you already own a thick rug or carpet, move it under the door, and you’ll see how significantly the noise will reduce. The crack under the door is the perfect place for noise to come in, but a thick, dense carpet or rug will solve this problem.

It’s important to note that this option will not actually block the sound, but absorb it. And, if your noise problem is not as much, then this solution should work just fine. The key here is using as thick material as possible. Of course, you could use a blanket or rags, but even if they help absorb the noise, you’d have to adjust them every time you open the door. A thick carpet or rug is your best option, no adjusting needed, and it will do an excellent job of absorbing the sounds.

Use Thick Blankets

There are blankets made specifically for soundproofing, but if you are in a bind and you need a temporary fix, then any thick, regular blanket that you own will do.

This option is only a temporary, having a thick blanket draped over your door may not be great for your décor. To make the soundproofing as effective as possible, use as many thick blankets as you have. The more blankets you use, the more sound it will absorb.

When putting the blanket over your door, make sure to wedge the blanket into any open space and under the door. Wrap the door up the way you would yourself if you were shivering with cold.

As mentioned before, thick blankets are not perfect for soundproofing, but they are a great option if you’ve got a paper to write and you need peace and quiet to concentrate.

Move Your Furniture Against the Door

As temporary solutions go, this is the shortest of them all. You may be cool with having a blanket draped over your door all the time, but you can’t exactly do this with furniture on account of you needing to go out. However, this is a temporary situation that is effective.

Simply move your couch or spare mattress (if you can), against the door and this will take care of the noise. That takes a lot of work and physical strength, so you should only do this if all your options have been exhausted.


Hang Curtains Over the Door

That can be a long term solution and, you can do this yourself. If you have a spare curtain in the house, install it over the door. The curtain should be thick though; no flimsy curtain will do.

Soundproof curtains are the best option for this on account of them having soundproofing properties. But, in place of them and if you are in a bind, then regular thick curtains will do.

If the curtain is not thick enough, then hang two and if you can spare anymore, make it three. Of course, it’d look pretty strange to have three curtains hanging over your door, but if you are cool with substituting décor for quiet, go for it.

Use Tape

Green glue[1] is effective and ideal, but if you don’t have that, then you can use tape, especially duct tape. Using it is pretty simple, place the tape on the holes of places that you want to close. In this case, it’s the crack under the door and the sides.

Make sure to use a thick tape and if you feel that the tape is not thick enough, then use as many layers as possible. Duct tape is also a temporary fix, so you can only use it at a particular time. The duct tape at the sides should hold, but opening and closing your door will definitely move the tape under the door. A thick rug or carpet under the door and duct tape at the sides of the door should take care of the noise. If the tape bothers you too much, just throw some fancy wallpaper over it.

Remember, these options, although effective, are temporary. Over time, you will need to look for a permanent solution to your noise problem.


[1] Green glue – Link