Soundproofing Solutions for Walls, Windows and Curtains

Cost Effective Ways To Soundproof Concrete Floor

Concrete floors may be airborne noise-resistant but it definitely doesn’t stop impact noise. Airborne noise has to do with sounds being transmitted through air, such as sounds from Tv and radio sets and the sounds of people talking. The properties of concrete floors (water, cement, aggregate which could be either sand, gravel or both) give it mass which makes it resistant to airborne noise.

The presence of mass also places the concrete floor at a disadvantage in regards to impact noise, which occurs as a result of two surfaces coming in contact with each other or vibrations from objects coming in contact with the ground.

So, if you have neighbours living below your own home, you might just want to soundproof your concrete floor out of consideration and to avoid having issues with them.


Cost Effective Ways To Soundproof Concrete Floor


If you are considering this, you are just in luck because this particular write-up provides you with numerous and easy alternatives to choose from without having to renovate your entire floor as some others would.

Quick Methods For Soundproofing The Concrete Floor

Carpets And Rugs

Concrete floors [1] are pretty much permanent fixtures, you might want to think light. Carpets and rugs should be your first go-to option if you are hoping to save up on cash and time.

Since this is our focal point, just simply get a rug or two and place it on the floor for better sound insulation.

While picking a rug or carpet, you’ll be better off picking a tightly woven one. Another advantage of this its use for aesthetics. Though this solution helps to reduce the echo in the room it isn’t the best option for the job.

Rugs Pads

This is another set of carpets placed under a thinner carpet. While it mustn’t be beautiful, it must be thick and tightly woven to prevent the sound from passing through.

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This usually applies in situations where the thicker rugs might be considered more expensive, or where maintenance might seem too difficult. It could also be applied in sentimental or aesthetic situations where the owner prefers to see the thinner carpet. But just like the carpets and rugs, it is not 100% soundproof.

Interlocking Floor Mats

These are an alternative to the rug pads. They are also placed under the carpets but these tend to have more rubberlike properties to them. They are dense enough to deaden sounds that would emanate from the floor yet comfortable enough to lay on. They also come in various colours which makes them perfect for the children’s rooms.

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Although this is considerably better than the rug pads, it’s interlocking nature creates room for small spaces and holes which makes it susceptible to sound.

Rubber mats

This would probably be the most reliable amongst all the previously stated options. As its name suggests, it’s a rubber which makes it flexible to absorb all impact. Secondly, they are usually very thin and comfortable to walk on.

They are also non-slip which prevents any carpet spread on it from slipping off. Lastly, it is very dense and prevents all airborne noise from penetrating the floor.
It may not be cost-effective but it is definitely the best option in terms of use. It also doesn’t have the issue of holes like other ones.

Anti-Vibration Mats

This is not a full-proof option as it works best for spots with electronic appliances like generators, washing machines, dishwasher, etc.

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If you are after aa complete, total soundproof of your home, then this isn’t a feasible option.

Other Options For Soundproofing

The carpets, rugs, mats and pads might be great options but they are certainly not the best. There are others with longer lifespan and easier maintenance although they are more expensive. They include;

Acoustic Solutions

There are different types of acoustic solutions but all choices must be focused on avoiding acoustic flanking and be compliant with building regulations like the Part E Building Regulations for people in England, Wales, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Acoustic Flanking

This often happens when sound escapes the acoustic system of your home. This also goes against building regulations.

To avoid this, good solutions must be used, such as –

Dry Screed Boards

This is an alternative to regular screeding done on concrete floors. It embodies all characteristics of a regular screed with the exception of the drying segment needed to complete it. It is made from gypsum fibre.

Acoustic Floorboards

It may lack the density of the dry screed but it definitely has a high acting soundproof layer. They are also easy to install.




This has the ability to muffle a sound of up to 30-48 decibels. It is a crosslinked foam of up to 6mm and it is loaded with Mass Loaded Vinyl. It is extremely effective for acoustic flanking.


Unlike the dry screed, this is the regular one which is still effective and economical. While the dry screed is made from gypsum fibre, this screed is made from cement concrete and brickbats.
To achieve high soundproof quality, a screed of about 100mm or four inches is necessary. The right quality can be gotten with a measurement where the ratio is 1:16:18 of the cement, brickbats and sand.

When mixed and applied properly, it has the same density as the dry screeding.

All acoustic goods listed here can be gotten from your friendly neighbourhood mall or the mall downtown. But if you want it from the comfort of your home, Amazon would be an amazing choice. 

These are a few ways to soundproof a concrete floor. There are others but these are the most efficient yet cost-effective. While soundproofing your concrete floor might seem unnecessary, it’s actually a great way to maintain privacy and keep the noise out. So let’s get our tools and get working.


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