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How to Soundproof Your Car from Road Noise

Road trips and commutes are more fun without the noise from the road interfering. That’s all anyone wants in their car; a nice, quiet ride only punctuated by you yelling at another driver and songs from your playlist.

Well, this article can help with that, there are many effective ways to soundproof your car from road noise, but first, some things to note:

  • You want to get rid of the noise, but you can’t get rid of it, you can only absorb or dampen most of it.
  • Soundproofing your car often includes soundproofing several parts of your car. That’s the only way to get the best result.

Alright, here are five ways to soundproof your car from road noise:

Ways To Soundproof Your Car From Road Noise

Change your Tyres

Sounds a little extreme? Not really. The thing is tyres contribute to road-noise, and your current tyre may be doing that. The tyres of your car are the only parts of the vehicle that makes direct contact with the road. It drives over everything, which essentially sends the noise or vibrations[1] right back into your car. That is why changing your tyres while sounding extreme can help reduce the road noise in your car. When you want to get a new tyre, look out for the following:

  • A tyre with a narrow size.
  • A tyre with a soft rubber composition.
  • A tyre with smaller grooves for traction.
  • The tyre’s noise rating.

Or, you can tell the seller to give you quiet tyres, he/she will know what you want.

Soundproof Your Car Door

If you really want to keep the noise out, soundproofing your car door will do the trick. Most car doors are usually thin, which is why sound can easily travel through them. To soundproof your car door, you can do it using foam insulation.

When insulating the door, make sure to cover as much area of the door as possible but do not cover the mechanisms of the door, you need that.

Insulating your car door can be a bit difficult, so if you feel that you aren’t up to it, there’s no shame in calling a professional.

Get Sound Damping Mats

Remember how your tyres come in direct contact with the ground, allowing the vibrations from the road to travel into your car? Well, they go through the floor of the car, and unfortunately, some car floors aren’t that thick.

The best way to reduce the road noise is to place sound damping mats on the floor of your car. These mats will effectively reduce the vibrations coming in from the floor and in turn, reduce the noise. If you already have regular floor mats, you’ll notice that they aren’t doing much to reduce the noise. That is because unlike, sound damping mats, regular mats are mainly for the aesthetics and for keeping the floor of your car neat.

Sound damping mats are not cheap, but they are certainly worth it.


Soundproof Your Car Roof

Much like the floor of your car, the roof isn’t thick; this is why you need to soundproof it. That may seem extreme, but it won’t be when you are exhausted and stuck in two-hour traffic.

When you soundproof your car roof, you are essentially blocking out whatever noise the wind carries, and as a bonus, you get to keep the heat out on a hot day.

Much like the floor of your car, you can soundproof the roof with sound damping material or line with soundproofing material such as mass loaded vinyl. Before you do this, measure the size of the roof, so you know what size material to get.

However, in comparison with the other parts of your car, soundproofing your roof is not entirely necessary because it doesn’t allow in as much noise as the door or the floor. You can soundproof it, but the other parts like the door, floor and tyres should take priority.

Soundproof Your Trunk

Unless your car trunk is full, it’s essentially a space that allows noise to echo, especially if it’s a big car trunk. With a small trunk, you can skip it, but with a big trunk, you should definitely do it.

All you need to do is remove all items from the floor of your trunk, measure it, and place the sound damping materials on the bottom of the trunk and you are good to go.

Here’s another loud, but fun option:

Drown out the Noise

Okay, this will not work for everybody, but if you don’t want to go through the long process of soundproofing your car, you can get a loud stereo to cancel out the noise on the road.

Technically, you’d be contributing to the noise outside your car, but if you are sure that your fellow drivers won’t mind (they definitely will), go for it.



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