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How to Soundproof a Room with Egg Cartons

There’s only one thing you can do when the noise becomes so much that it starts to cut into your sleep and work time; soundproof your room.

There are tons of ways to soundproof a room, with tons of soundproofing materials available in the market. But, if you are looking to soundproof your room on a budget before you go for something permanent, then you’ve probably heard about soundproofing your room with egg cartons.

Soundproofing your room with egg cartons is unconventional and the odds of it working seem highly unlikely. It is egg cartons after all, how are they supposed to keep the noise in or out?

So, let’s look at the effectiveness of egg cartons and how to use them when soundproofing.

Why Egg Cartons?

One of the reasons why people think that egg cartons can serve as an effective soundproofing material is because of its shape. Its round shape looks like that of acoustic foam tiles, and acoustic foam tiles are specifically made that way to deflect sound, so naturally, it is thought that egg cartons, due to its round shape can deflect sound.

But do they work? Well, technically, they shouldn’t. Unlike acoustic foams and regardless of its shape, egg cartons are not made from a thick enough material to deflect sound. They do not possess much of an absorbing quality, so even if they do absorb sound, it may not make a significant difference in your noise situation.

Furthermore, egg cartons are not soft. Their surfaces are actually hard, which is necessary to keep the eggs safe but not for soundproofing. That is because sound can bounce off hard surfaces and this is essentially what would happen with your egg cartons.

However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot or shouldn’t use egg cartons for soundproofing. If you are looking for something to keep out the noise until you can go for something more efficient egg cartons can do the trick. You can use them, but you shouldn’t use them alone.

How To Soundproof a Room With Egg Cartons

First here are things to consider before soundproofing your room with egg cartons:

  • Make sure that the cartons are clean: This is very important. Please don’t use any egg cartons with egg residue in them. If you can’t get the residue cleaned, throw it out.
  • Use cardboard or foam cartons. They are much harder to clean, but you should not use plastic egg cartons, they provide much less absorbing capabilities than foam or cardboard. In fact, seeing as they are plastic, it is safe to say that they do not offer any absorbing capabilities whatsoever.

As mentioned before, because egg cartons are not ideal or effective for soundproofing, you can make them more effective by doing the following:

  1. If you have some old thick rags or blankets, get them and place them on the wall before you place the egg cartons on them. You can also put the rags or blanket over the egg cartons when you hang them.
  2. You can increase the density[1] and mass of the egg cartons by glueing strips of old fabric on them. The point of this is to increase the thickness of the egg cartons and prevent the sounds from bouncing off them.


These tips should make your egg cartons much more effective. And because everything here is everything that you can find at home, you should have your room soundproofed in no time.

However, you should bear in mind that even with these tips, there may not be a significant change in your noise situation. The noise will reduce, but it will not be all that much.

That said, if you do not fancy the idea of having to save up cartons for months and months (you are going to need enough to soundproof your room), you can check out these affordable alternatives:

  1. Soundproofing Blankets: Or moving blankets as they are sometimes called are quite effective at soundproofing. They can help to absorb sound and reduce vibrations. If you are in the market for something effective, soundproofing blankets are a great alternative to egg cartons.
  2. Acoustic Foams: The shape and size of acoustic foams are why a lot of people think that egg cartons are just as effective as it is. However, you can skip egg cartons entirely and go for the real thing. Acoustic foams are made with soundproofing material that absorbs sound waves. You’d place them on your walls the same way you’d put your egg cartons; the only difference is that they’d be way more effective.

If you are in a tight corner, use egg cartons but if you aren’t, then go for the alternatives. They will cost you money, but at the end of the day, they will give you the quiet you deserve.


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