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How to Reduce Street Noise In House

In almost all cities in this new age, a significant factor on a constant rise is noise pollution. The level of unwanted noise we hear in cities all over the world has gotten so bad in these recent times, and what makes it worse is that the noise isn’t limited to just peak office hours. Rather, what we get and hear in our homes is a clamour of unwanted noise stemming from traffic, construction sites, and the daily hustle and bustle of the town. This makes the average man wish he can reduce street noise or stop it altogether.

Now the problem with this, as we rightly know is that noise isn’t exactly good for us, especially since it’s a major cause of stress and fatigue. In light of that, if you continuously and constantly have to endure that every day, and sometimes even at night, it’s bound to cause you a lot of issues, especially if the noise affects you in your home.

On that note, if you live in a highly noisy neighbourhood or city and you constantly have to face unwanted street noise, then this article is the right read for you. Especially when for many of us, our homes are meant to be our safe space and a perfect escape from the rest of society. Therefore, to ensure our homes remain our safe space, devoid from noise pollution[1], this article is set to highlight simple steps you can take to reduce street noise from coming into your house.


Ways to Reduce Street Noise In House

  1. Seal Up Sound Leaks

A starting step to take to block the noise out from your home is to find any sound leaks and seal it up. Now, to do that, you need to thoroughly scan through your walls for any cracks or gaps, with particular attention around the window frame, electrical sockets and ventilation grates. Upon finding any cracks or gaps, you are advised to get in touch with a professional to further look at it, just in case the cracks spread deeper than they outwardly look.

With that out of the way, the next step is to simply seal up or fill the cracks or holes with sealant or noise-blocking caulk. Furthermore, you should note that even the smallest of gaps is a problem, as it still makes the room accessible to excessive and unwanted noise.

  1. Seal Your Windows

For soundproofing or reducing the noise in your home, a very important factor to consider is your windows, whereby, if you handle them properly in relation to soundproofing, you would get the desired results.

On that note, the best way to seal your windows is basically getting and installing soundproof windows. Soundproof windows are made up of soundproof glass, which is specifically designed to reduce street noise by up to 42 decibels, which is made possible by its double glazing attribute.

In light of that, you should note that soundproof glass windows contain two layers of laminated glass that are fitted inside a single frame, for the purpose of trapping external noise within them. With that in mind, you should know that utilizing double panned soundproof glass along with an airtight frame is one of the most effective ways to block out street noise.

  1. Strengthen The Doors

A major way sound sneaks into our homes is through our doors, especially if you live in a very noisy area, like close to the highway. For that reason, reinforcing our doors helps a lot in reducing the street noise that comes into your house. Now, there are a lot of ways to try reinforcing your doors to block out noise, one of which is simply installing weathering strips which helps to curb noise from travelling through your home.

Also, another method to consider is to get and install a solid and sealed wooden glass door. Additionally, the reason why a wooden glass door is preferable is that both wood and glass are great materials for absorbing sound.

  1. Create Natural Barriers

A beautiful and environmentally friendly way to block out street noise is by building natural barriers around your home. This is simply planting lines of plants and shrubs outside your house. The reason for this is that plants and shrubs can stop noise from entering your home by fragmenting the sound waves, as well as being able to generally block out noise.

In light of that, if your home has a nice lawn outside, with a footpath, you should consider this method for reducing noise. Especially since it not only helps with your noise problem but beautifies your home and enhances the environment.

  1. Use Soundproof Curtains

Now, I know this seems a bit off, especially since we’re talking about curtains here, however, you should note that soundproof curtains are a thing. If you’ve taken care of your windows and you’ve sealed it to the best of your abilities, you should take it a step further and place sound blocking curtains on the windows.

Sound blocking curtains are curtains specially made for curbing street noise, and you should note that it works best when you’ve installed soundproof windows. Having it alone might not be a good idea, but rather a huge waste of money.

Wrap Up

Conclusively, if you’ve endured unwanted noise continuously and without recourse in your house and you’re looking to reduce the noise from the street pouring into your home, then your best bet would be to try one or more of the several methods mentioned above.

However, on the side, I would advise that the best method to try would be soundproofing your windows with soundproof double-paned glass, as you’re sure to get the best result out of this particular method. I should also state that this doesn’t mean the rest provided are not good as well.



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