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Does Undercoating Reduce Road Noise?

For most people that drive a car, they will agree that when it gets to certain points, the cars tend to develop some specific noise that may come from the engine or the road. We are all aware that cars made in the past are made from steel and metal which makes it prone to contamination and rust but cars of nowadays are made of aluminium and other materials that are less prone to contamination.

Many people have asked this same question for years in the quest to get answers; Does undercoating reduce road noise? The answer is Yes. Car undercoating reduces road noise. The best option is for you to apply the undercoat to your brand new car once you buy it. The process of undercoating your car seals all loose ends, prevents contact between metal and dust thereby stopping friction by acting as a barrier between metal, dust and moisture and reduces the noise coming from the engine of your car.


Undercoating has been evaluated to reduce up to 6dB of noise or more, which is why most drivers opt for it and find the inners of their cars quieter than before applying the undercoat. Undercoating is an exceptional solution for noise reduction[1]. Undercoating best works when it is fixed to the undercarriage of a car especially with the help of an expert or else it will crack and break open therefore allowing moisture.

Undercoating also helps to protect your car against rust. It locks the underparts of the car that might have gotten tighter and it is more effective at not letting in dust and moisture. Different types of undercoating gradually decrease road noise. The best type of undercoating that works for noise reduction is that which is made of a rubberised element that does not crack or break over time.

How Does Rubberised Undercoating Work For Noise Reduction?

Spraying rubberised undercoating on your car will effectively reduce the noise. Most people agree that this is the best option for fixing some specific noises coming from the car. Undercoating your vehicle gives room for corrosion resistance and sound reduction benefits, and also it is fast drying on application. Selecting the right type of car undercoating product is a great step towards protecting any damage from your car because of various external components as well as help in the prevention of rust.

Best Undercoat For Your vehicle

While searching for the best car undercoat, there are different factors you should consider, which may include quality, cost, soundproof effectiveness.

One of the most desired choice and the most effective vehicle undercoat is the 3M 03584 Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating, Corrosion, Water and Salt Spray Resistant, 16 oz, 1 aerosol(Amazon). It is a rubberized undercoating that is not only widely known for its exceptional noise reduction, but also for its ability to prevent a vehicle’s undercarriage from corrosion. It is produced to help reduce noise for a more pleasant ride.

 Another type of Undercoating is the Al’s Liner ALS-UCR1G Black ALS-Ucr Premium DIY Rubberized Undercoating(Amazon). It requires a sprayer to apply this undercoat for your car. The Best thing about Al’s rubberized undercoating is that you will not need to reapply for many years.


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