Soundproofing Solutions for Walls, Windows and Curtains

Do Soundproof Curtains Work in the UK? 5 Options to Choose

If you live in a large city, then cars, people, traffic and road noise might be a major issue for you. It can get worse if you work from home, as you would definitely not be getting any work done with the constant hustle and bustle around you. In big suburban cities, it is rarely quiet and it means that you may not get any sleep at night as well. You could also have noisy neighbours and this can get really frustrating.

So you if you’re like me and wondering, “do soundproof curtains work in the UK?”. The answer is yes, they do. Then again, they work in most cities as they are not restricted by geographical location. If you have some noise issues where you presently live, a simple way to reduce the noise would be to get some soundproof curtains. They won’t cost you a whole lot of money and they are pretty straightforward to install.

If you’d like to know how noise can be reduced by sound deadening curtains and what curtains are best for this, please read on.

I live in the UK and over the years I have dealt with some serious noise issues. The first thing I did was research on how to deaden the noise coming into my room. Soundproof curtains were the easiest recommendations and I decided to find out if these soundproof curtains work in the UK.

How do Soundproof Curtains Reduce Noise?

Soundproof curtains are very effective at reducing noise due to the way they are made. You should know that it is harder for noise to travel through thick or stuffy materials.

These curtains would also lessen the echo in your room, especially if you do not have a quiet fan in your room. The best way to understand how these curtains work would be to compare the way your music sounds when you play it in the bathroom as opposed to when you play it in a room.

In the bathroom, it would echo but in a room with clothes in it, the presence of the clothes will help block echos as the sound will not bounce off the walls as easily. Similarly, when you have soundproof curtains, you will have less noise to deal with and no echo. The curtains help absorb the noise and as such it will not be as intense without curtains in place.

You should know that soundproof curtains are generally heavy and thick and as such also act as light-blockers. If you’d prefer some light though, there are some good soundproof curtains that do not entirely block out sunlight.


Let’s Look at 5 Soundproof Curtains that are Great Noise Reducers

  1. Budget Soundproof curtain option, Nicetown Curtain Panels

Thesesoundproof curtain panels (See on Amazon) are great for helping to reduce noise and echo, not to mention how affordable they are. If you are on a budget, you should check these out. They also have great quality with three-pass microfibers for noise absorption. They come in many colours and as such you have the option to pick the one that best fits your home design.

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You’ll also be saving some power when you get these as they are insulated and have smart-energy technology that allows them to absorb and stock-up heat to warm your room later. You should know that this curtain won’t completely block out light but you will get two ready-to-use drapes when you get them. Installing them is also pretty straightforward.


  1. H. Versailtex Premium Blackout Curtains Would go a Long Way in Noise Reduction

The first thing you notice with these premium curtains (See on Amazon) is that they are heavy, but then, the heavier, the better. They weigh 1.7kg and are excellent light blockers. They are one of the best quality curtains you will find out there.

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They should be perfect for large windows and as a result of the added weight and very soft fabric, they are very effective at absorbing sounds.

You can install these with no hassle despite their weight. What’s more, you have an eight years quality warranty when you get this curtain. They are also manufactured exclusively from polyester material, have thermal insulation and are washable. This is a great deal if you ask me.


  1. If Design is Important to You, the Deconovo Drapes Thermal Insulated Curtains are for you

These insulated curtains (See on Amazon) are not only washable but can also be ironed. They are made of high-quality fabric and are great light blockers. Although they come as a single curtain, they are very effective at reducing noise.

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They come in many beautiful colours and have a very aesthetically appealing outlook.

With the thermal insulation, you should also be looking to save some energy bill as they will absorb heat while the sun rages and provide warmth at night particularly in winter. With these, you don’t have to worry about how much fitting they will be for your room as they will look great anywhere. Besides how stylish they are, they are also very easy to install.


  1. Another Pair of Affordable Curtains are the Sideli Solid Rock Pocket Matt Heavy Velvet Curtain

This curtain from Sideli (See on Amazon) is very affordable and is also produced using velvet which I had earlier mentioned as a great material for soundproof curtains. Velvets contain micro-fibres and this helps in deadening noise and also preventing light from filtering into your room.

They are also available in different colours and sizes so all you have to do is find one which you think would be a great fit for your room. You can also wash these and although they are not as heavy as other curtains, they do a pretty good job at lessening noise as they are made of velvet of very high quality. They are usually available and the reviews are great there as well!


  1. Looking for Complete Black-out Soundproof Curtains? Go for Yakamok Thick 2 Layers Soundproof Drapes

As a result of the double layer of this curtain (See on Amazon), it is very thick and highly effective at reducing sound and blocking light. The liner was especially fashioned to lessen noise and this makes it a good option if you’re looking to reduce a significant amount of noise that can come into your room.

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They weigh a good 980 grams and have thermal insulation which will, like some of the curtains mentioned above, save you some energy as it will help keep the cold out during winter. They come in up to 8 colours so you can decide which colour best fits your room.


Deciding on the Curtains that are Best to Get

Most thick and heavy curtains are described as soundproof but not all of them get any work done. Soundproof curtains that help reduce a significant amount of noise should have a very generous size, with the added weight and thickness.

It should also have a tight weave and cover your window, and even surrounding parts of your window, completely. You should know that the thicker, heavier and tighter the weave on a curtain, the better it will be at reducing noise.

Do Soundproof Curtains Work in the UK? 5 Options to Choose


Layered curtains would also do a good deal of work, as the extra linings make them thicker, so you should look out for them. You should also consider wider curtains with pleats as this means it will have more gather and tighter creases. In some cases, you can get decide on a curtain that is three times the size of your window. The pleats would also provide more material thereby making the curtain thicker.

In additional detail, the things you should consider before getting a soundproof curtain are as follows:

  • The Curtains Material

The quality of the material used for the curtain you get is very important as this will determine how much sound the curtains would absorb. You should look out for curtains made from velvet, suede or vinyl. Any curtain with the description ‘thermalised’ or ‘insulated’ is a great option too.

  • How Heavy the Curtains are

You should know that if a curtain is quite heavy, it means that it contains more fibre and as such, it should be better at reducing noise since this means the fibre is tighter and that way noise won’t travel through easily.

  • The Length and Width of the Curtains

Unlike when you get decorative curtains that have to fit the exact size of your window when curtain shopping to lessen noise in your room, you should get really long curtains that will flow from a little above your window to well below them. You should also get curtains that are two to three times wider than your window, as this will help absorb sound and save you some noise.

  • Hanging Rods

The rods you get should be strong enough to balance the length and weight of your curtains. I’d advise you go for the double rods as they will hold your curtains well enough and you could add a second layer of curtains with these.

  • Are they Machine Washable?

You should check if they are machine washable as over time, they will get dirty and you will need to wash them.

  • The Cost of the Curtains

If you are on a budget, you could still get some pretty good soundproof curtains. Look out for the best curtains I would mention below that are reasonable cost-wise.

  • The Colour of the Curtain

The interior design of your room should be at the back of your mind while you pick out one of these curtains. Try to get one with a colour and general outlook that will match your room design and setting.

  • Reviews

You should pay attention to what people who have bought a particular product you are interested in have to say in the review section of that product online. Look at how many stars the curtains are getting and how many people are recommending them. A curtain with for instance 4 to 5 stars with over 30 recommendations is worth a try.

How to Install Your Soundproof Curtains

You do not need to pay someone to do this regardless of if you do not consider yourself handy to successfully get your soundproof curtain up there. Although it may seem like such a herculean task, installing your soundproof curtain can be hassle-free.

How to Install Your Soundproof Curtains


When installing your soundproof curtain rod, make sure they are lengthier than your window and that you position them well above your window as this will mean the soundproof curtains will cover more space and help in the noise reduction.

You should hang the rod as close to the ceiling as possible. You should make sure to look at the step by step guide or manual you got with your curtain.

You can also read below for an easy step by step how-to.

  • Make well-aligned horizontal markings either with a pencil or marker the bracket location on your wall. Use the curtain rod to quickly confirm the bracket position.
  •  Satisfied with the position? If yes, you can then install strong enough wall anchors that ought to support the weight of the curtains well enough.
  • You can then put in the brackets and screw them tightly.
  • Installing the drapes comes next but remember to have your manual close by.

You should make sure that the soundproof curtains you purchase have a quality guarantee and return policy. You may buy a pair of curtains which you think would do some real work but they may end up just muffling the sound of the wind.

Even worse if they still let in loud noises of moving vehicles or the bark of a dog somewhere down the street. You may want to have an option of returning or switching the curtains you have bought if something like this happens.


Is it Possible to Make Your Soundproof Curtains Yourself?

Yes, it is very possible to make your own soundproof curtains. You should, however, have some sewing skill. Perhaps you may be looking to make a soundproof curtain yourself, but you would still have to buy all the necessary materials that would make them soundproof to start with.

Not to mention the time and effort you’ll have to spend making them. However, if handling this seems easy to you, great! Otherwise, why not walk into a store or go online and get one, simple and easy.


Why You Should Get Soundproof Curtains

If by chance you live in a place where noise is a common and regular thing, you should consider getting a soundproof curtain. Assuming you are an indoor person and you have a sound system in your room, then you should put up soundproof curtains. This will give you an even better theatric atmosphere as they will deaden the noise from other parts of the house and help you enjoy your movie in peace.

Perhaps you are a parent with a kid who is still exploring their inner Rockstar, you could simply get soundproof curtains and make it a rule that they are closed whenever your kid decides to throw their private and personal concert. This also applies to you if you have a home studio. While you would prefer not to deal with the noise from your neighbours, they too would rather not deal with any from you.

So get some soundproof curtains to minimise the noise you make some noise in your home studio.

Although getting a soundproof curtain can be daunting, you should start by checking out the ones mentioned above as they are as good as soundproof curtains get. Also, you should have in mind that these curtains do not completely cancel out or entirely eliminate any noise that may try to find its way into your room, they rather reduce significantly this noise.

Assuming you would like to completely eliminate the noise that can waft into your room, you should consider many other soundproofing options like soundproofing your door, window, walls of your roof even!