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Do Side Window Deflectors Reduce Noise in a Car?

Constantly hearing noise caused by the wind while driving is one of the few uncomfortable experiences drivers have regularly. Wind noise in a car is not something anyone enjoys, especially when it gets louder as you drive faster, making your highway cruising quite the opposite of fun.

Basically, hearing or getting disturbed by annoying sounds or unwanted noise while driving is a really upsetting experience.

For those who have experienced this, we know that the irritation of trying to find the exact place the noise is coming from can be extremely frustrating. This frustration is doubled when you are trying to enjoy some music on your car stereo.

Most of us constantly search for ways to reduce the wind noise at any cost, and often, we usually end up using side window deflectors. Now, when it comes to wind deflectors, people tend to question their effectiveness, as well as if they can truly reduce noise in a car.

In light of that, you need to know that wind deflectors are perfectly adept when it comes to reducing noise in your car. If you wish to know-how and the extent which side window deflectors reduce noises, then keeping reading to learn all the details.

What are Wind Deflectors?

As already stated, making use of a wind deflector is one of the best options for reducing wind noise in your car and all the discomfort that comes with it. A reason tor this is its amazing simplicity, ease of use and especially its straightforward design.

On that note, wind deflectors are simply tinted polycarbonate materials that are placed at the top of your car windows to deflect the wind or rain, as well as prevent the wind from slamming the weatherstripping [1] area.

Wind deflectors are a very cheap and affordable noise reduction solution and are extremely easy to install. Also, a good feature of wind deflectors is the vehicle specific aspect where you can always get the exact set your car needs.

The next thing to know about wind deflectors is how they work. To fully grasp that, you must first understand how the wind disturbs you in the first place. It is simply from how an open window alters the aerodynamics of a vehicle, in which the faster the car moves, the more air it draws towards itself and into the car.


Wind deflectors operate by altering the vehicle’s aerodynamic contour in which it redirects the wind over the sides of the vehicle and any open windows, as soon as the wind hits the deflector. This helps to lessen the problems you normally get with wind interference, including wind noise. You should note that wind deflectors, apart from reducing noise in a car, have other amazing benefits which are highlighted below.

Benefits of Wind Deflectors

  • Wind deflectors help in reducing noise, as well as various forms of wind-related disturbances.
  • It is very easy to fit and install in any car, especially since it is vehicle specific.
  • Wind deflectors are smooth and slimline manner and also sports an aerodynamic design that reduces drag.
  • Another benefit of wind deflectors is that they’re very durable as they are made from extremely tough materials like acrylic glass.
  • Wind deflectors are the cheapest means of solving your car noise problem.

How to Fit Window Deflectors

One important thing you need to know about wind deflectors is how to install and fit them to your car. As already stated above, wind deflectors are vehicle specific, therefore, the particular type and size for your vehicle type are definitely available. Also, for vans and larger trucks, there are universal wind deflectors for them and all you need do is find the right size to fit yours.

Installing wind deflectors is quite easy and doesn’t require the use of any professional tools. For fitting wind deflectors, all you need do is find the right type for your car and slide it into the seal at the top of your car door and there you have it.


In answering the main question of whether side window deflectors or wind deflectors can reduce noise in a car, the answer is an absolute yes. From everything stated above, one can see that wind deflectors are a very effective way to reduce noise in a car with the most minimal effort or energy being expended. Additionally, with benefits like affordability, ease of use and an easy installation process, it is advisable to consider making use of wind deflectors if you have a wind noise problem.


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