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Device for Noisy Neighbours, What to Use

If you’re unfortunate enough to live close to noisy neighbours, then I guess you’re not constantly entertained by them. It might also be the case that you return from work and hoping to get some rest, but instead you have to deal with unpleasant noise from your neighbours, that must get you really frustrated. However, you could use certain devices to protect yourself from noisy neighbours.

For those who may be concerned, these products are perfectly safe for use for both the young and elderly, including animals. Some might serve as a temporary solution, but others are a long-term fix. Be rest assured you won’t have to perform any dramatic reconstruction with any of these.

In addition, these devices can be easily carried around. They’ll help you keep your sanity so you should definitely have some of these around for your good and sanity.

Now, imagine you’re trying to take a nap, study, or do some work at home and the neighbours’ newborn keeps crying. Or a group of young kids decide to play football outside.

Instead of trying to wait out the noise (that might lead to banging your head on the wall), invest in one or two of the devices below. They are affordable and highly effective.

Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Best Devices To Protect Yourself From Noisy Neighbours

  1. Ear Plugs

Earplugs[1] make it to the top of this list because it’s common and a quick temporary fix to noise. Get some quality earplugs to protect you from momentary disturbance. Indeed, earplugs aren’t exactly noise-cancelling devices. However, they’ll muffle noise to a point where you can be able to manage.

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If you need a fast, temporary solution to noise, consider getting some earplugs to tone the volume way down for you and maybe you can focus on your study or enjoy that sleep you’ve been longing for throughout your work shift.

Did I mention how cheap earplugs are? Well, they’re quite affordable. They’re also available in different types, sizes and colour so you can make your choicest pick. You can always take earplugs with you wherever you go; they’re quite small and won’t take up much space. You might want to get some earplugs.


  1. Sleeping Headphones

This device does not exactly block or reduce sound; rather they provide the user with calmer sounds that’ll block out irritating external noise. That sounds nice, right? This means if you’re trying to take a nap and your neighbours suddenly engage in a loud conversation, you can put on your sleeping headphones to mask the noise.



You’ll hear carefully selected soothing sounds which will feel more relaxing. They can be familiar with nature sounds, such as chirping birds or running water. You’re more accustomed to these sounds and it’ll probably slip past your consciousness. If this idea sounds good to you, then get your sleeping headphones.

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Unlike sleeping headphones, this product doesn’t provide masking sounds; it’s designed to limit noise to a very low minimum. It’s highly effective for combating low-frequency sounds.

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If a group of people are discussing close by and you need to focus on some work or study, the noise-cancelling headphones will help block the noise. Products of high quality will be able to limit noise levels within 30 to 40 decibels and that’s pretty high.

Unlike regular headphones which use music to drown external noise, you can simply engage the noise-cancelling option with this product without playing music. Each product had its abilities so ensure you confirm the noise-cancelling ability before purchasing this headphone. Ultimately, they are great for blocking sound, including traffic noises, singing neighbours and musical instruments.

  1. Noise Cancelling Devices for Open Spaces

This is a sophisticated device which works to block noise outside your home or workspace. Although they require special set up and tend to be more expensive compared to the options above, they are highly effective at blocking noise outside.

This device operates by producing a soundbar high acts to cancel other airborne sounds. It’s effective for blocking out noisy neighbours, loud music, or sounds from a construction site.

  1. Stop Speakers Jammer

This shouldn’t be the first go-to when dealing with noisy neighbours. Try having a civil conversation with them and maybe they’ll compromise. However, if you’re constantly dealing with loud music from partying neighbours, then your sanity and peace come first.

This device jams speakers to the extent that they’re unable to play normally or at all.

With Bluetooth, this device can connect to speakers within a specific range or radius so it’ll be beneficial if you intend using it for your neighbours. Again, don’t just go straight to be a party pooper. Try expressing to your neighbours how their lifestyle affects you and ask for some changes.

  1. White Noise Machine

The use of white noise machines is a more subtle approach for dealing with sound and should be used in combination with other methods for better noise cancelling.

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A white noise machine cancels out sound made by neighbours by masking it with more serene and peaceful sounds. Basically, you’re replacing an irritating sound with a more preferable one.


  1. Draft Stopper

You may have noticed there’s always some space between the door and floor. This creates a travel means for sound. Draft stoppers can be fixed in these openings to block sound waves from seeping into your space.

They can be used on any door in your house. This will limit the sound coming into your space from neighbours. You can also fix a draft stopper on Windows if you notice they have a large space.

  1. Weatherstripping tape

There’s probably no article on affordable soundproofing materials that won’t give the option of using weatherstripping tape. Gaps or spaces around windows and doors are also travelling routes for sound.

Weatherstripping tape can be used to seal off those gaps by sticking around the window or door. You’ll need to get the exact measurement needed before proceeding to use the tape. This method is also inexpensive and effective.

  1. Soundproof Curtains

Soundproofing curtains will form an additional barrier against sound on your windows and doors. These curtains are made with thick fabric which can block and absorb sound trying to find its way to your space. They form a blockade between the external environment and your room.

This further limits the noise level reaching you and depending on how much noise you’re trying to combat, this might be a perfect solution for you.

These curtains will also beautify your space alongside its sound-absorbent properties. You can place sound curtains on your front door and windows. This extra layer will produce excellent results if you’ve sealed off spaces around your windows and door.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to invest in costly soundproofing measures to protect yourself from noisy neighbours. There are simpler and more affordable approaches you can take.

These devices listed above can be used together of required to block out external disturbances so you can enjoy peace of mind. If you do have noisy neighbours, consider investing in some of these cost-effective devices. They’ll surely be of help.



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