Soundproofing Solutions for Walls, Windows and Curtains

What Does Soundproofing a Room Do?

When you think of soundproofing, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you probably think of reducing noise from outside the room. But did you know that soundproofing can also help reduce noise from inside the room? In this blog post, let’s discuss what soundproofing does and how it can benefit your home. … Read more

Soundproofing between Existing Floors without Removing Ceiling

Best Options For Soundproofing Your Second-Story Wall And Floor

No matter the kind of house you live in, noise can be very burdensome. Though most houses usually have better sound insulation while others could be very uncomfortable, especially when you live in a second-story apartment. Soundproofing your second storey walls and floors is the best option to avoid having issues with your neighbours. Despite … Read more

Is Laminate Flooring Noisy?

Is Laminate Flooring Noisy?

Laminate flooring is commonly used in sitting rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and most areas of homes. It is a synthetic type of flooring, that consists of four layers: the wear or outer layer, the image, inner, and back layer. The outer layer is the protective layer. It is transparent and is often referred to as the … Read more

Is Vinyl Floor Better than Laminate Floor?

Is the vinyl floor quieter than the laminate floor?

Before we delve into which is quieter, we must understand the vinyl floor and laminate floors individually. It’s components, pros and cons can be our deciding factor for which among the two is quieter. If you are interested in a durable yet beautiful floor with a traditional outlook, then, either the vinyl or laminate floor … Read more

Dealing With Your Noisy Neighbours Upstairs

Now, there’s nothing worse than having to deal with noisy neighbours especially when they’re right above you. How do you deal with the annoying feet stomping (you can’t ask them no to move around in their apartment, can you?) and perhaps, singing or shouting. You may not be able to do much to stop the … Read more

Reducing Lawn Mower Noise Levels

How To Limit Lawnmower Noise

If you love mowing your lawn but often hate the sound it makes, then this article will prove useful to you. There are several ways you can decrease the amount of noise your mower makes, this includes; alteration of the oil regularly, toughening the bolts, substituting the muffler, and repairing the edge of the tool. … Read more

Using Soundproofing Materials

All You Need To Know About Soundproofing Materials

Soundproofing spaces around us to help preserve privacy has probably increased over the years. Each room including any individual areas involved has specific needs and thankfully materials exist to meet such requirements. There are various soundproofing materials sold by different brands in the market today, so it’s just a matter of what you need to … Read more

Properly Soundproof Your Room

How To Properly Soundproof Your Room

People opt for soundproofing their room or spaces for various reasons. However, you should go about things the right way to get the best results. Different methods exist that will help you properly soundproof your room. Most times, the major concern is either to prevent sound from escaping or entering the room. Sometimes, it might … Read more

7 Effective Ways To Soundproof Your Room EE

7 Effective Ways To Soundproof Your Room

I know how difficult it can be for you to have a good night rest when your next-door neighbour decides to test the brand new theatre he just bought. Only that, he keeps testing it every night! When such is the case soundproofing the room is one possible thing that should be done. What soundproofing … Read more

Do Towels Help With Soundproofing?

Do Towels Help With Soundproofing?

The world of soundproofing is littered with a variety of options and solutions. However, you may not have the funds to go for the pricey fixes. You may suddenly consider using towels to solve your sound problems as you either have some around or you’ve figured you won’t spend much purchasing a few. You should … Read more