Soundproofing Solutions for Walls, Windows and Curtains

Basement Ceiling Soundproofing Options

How do you soundproof a basement ceiling

Basements ordinarily are extra rooms beneath the ground floor of our homes where we stack our unused stuff inside boxes. Since it’s basically underground it would be considered ideal for either a storage or a wine cellar. It would also make a good hiding spot for the kids and a good spot for a haunted … Read more

Best Door for Soundproofing, Accessories Worth Buying

Best door for soundproofing

In homes, sound can be a problem when it becomes unpleasant. If it’s not your next-door neighbours playing their stereo with the volume at its highest, then it’s your kids playing upstairs causing a whole of sound. At this point, it isn’t sound anymore, it’s noise and having some peace and quiet becomes your daily … Read more

Soundproofing an Existing Ceiling

Best Insulation for Soundproofing Ceiling

What will you do when your roof is someone’s floor and that someone happens to be unaware that what they consider to be music is just noise? It’s either his TV is too loud or his footsteps are like that of a giant. Such noise can make you go crazy especially when you are trying … Read more

Best Sound Insulation Between Floors

Best Materials To Soundproof between Floors.

Is it possible to install insulation between floors? Yes, it is. Noise can be transmitted through floorings, and from neighbouring homes. These noises can be airborne or transmitted through solids (like floorings, walls, ceilings, e.t.c.). Soundproofing between floors can help reduce these noises. Best Materials To Soundproof between Floors There are different types of materials … Read more

Cost Effective Ways To Soundproof Concrete Floor

Cost Effective Ways To Soundproof Concrete Floor

Concrete floors may be airborne noise-resistant but it definitely doesn’t stop impact noise. Airborne noise has to do with sounds being transmitted through air, such as sounds from Tv and radio sets and the sounds of people talking. The properties of concrete floors (water, cement, aggregate which could be either sand, gravel or both) give … Read more

Best Soundproofing Curtains for Home

Best Soundproofing Curtains in the Market

The use of curtains for soundproofing is an effective, yet stylish method to combat noise. To preserve your privacy and serenity, you’ll need to inculcate some soundproofing materials in your room to serve as insulation against noise. This article focuses on the best soundproofing curtains and how they can help you insulate your room. Also, … Read more

Quietest Vacuum Cleaners in the Market

Quietest Vacuum Cleaners in the Market

You don’t have to endure so much time each time you use your vacuum cleaner. While that may have been the case in the past, these days we have an abundance of quiet options, thanks to improvement in technology. You can clean your home without causing a ruckus. Below is a list of the quietest … Read more

What Is The Best Soundproofing For Walls EE

What Is The Best Soundproofing For Walls

Most sounds are beautiful until you are hearing it at the wrong time or from the wrong place. It becomes a nuisance, it becomes noise that disturbs and irritates making you stressed especially when you are trying to sleep. If this is a problem you are facing then soundproofing for walls is the best thing … Read more

Best Mass Loaded Vinyl

Best Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass Loaded Vinyl are ideal for insulating subwoofers, spare wheel recesses. This is ideal for deejays looking to reduce the reverberations you get from you speakers or if you are just trying to reduce the road noise you get when inside your vehicle. They often come with a self adhesive isolating layer to maintain shape … Read more

Best Material for Soundproofing

Best Material for Soundproofing

If you are like me then you love to just have some peace and quiet at home when you get back from work. Alternatively, you might be trying to avoid the noise that seems to filter in from your noisy neighbours. I’ve found that having a look at the best material for soundproofing and identifying … Read more