Soundproofing Solutions for Walls, Windows and Curtains

Best Carpet Underlay for Soundproofing EE

Best Carpet Underlay for Soundproofing

Covering your floors with carpets has its benefits. They insulate the floors, they reduce the wear the floors would have had to bear, and they have a relatively smooth feel. When carpet underlays are used in conjunction with carpets, these properties are heightened. The carpets become warmer and smoother, but that’s not all. Some carpet … Read more

Is Vinyl Floor Better than Laminate Floor?

Is the vinyl floor quieter than the laminate floor?

Before we delve into which is quieter, we must understand the vinyl floor and laminate floors individually. It’s components, pros and cons can be our deciding factor for which among the two is quieter. If you are interested in a durable yet beautiful floor with a traditional outlook, then, either the vinyl or laminate floor … Read more

Best Wall Soundproofing Material

Do you live in a noisy neighbourhood? Your next-door neighbours making a racket? Or, you need your walls soundproofed for your music? All these scenarios, require some serious soundproofing. Below we can examine the best wall soundproofing materials you can use to soundproof your walls and reduce the impact of noise. Acoustic Soundproofing Sealants Soundproofing … Read more

Best Sound Insulation Between Floors

Best Materials To Soundproof between Floors.

Is it possible to install insulation between floors? Yes, it is. Noise can be transmitted through floorings, and from neighbouring homes. These noises can be airborne or transmitted through solids (like floorings, walls, ceilings, e.t.c.). Soundproofing between floors can help reduce these noises. Best Materials To Soundproof between Floors There are different types of materials … Read more

Cost Effective Ways To Soundproof Concrete Floor

Cost Effective Ways To Soundproof Concrete Floor

Concrete floors may be airborne noise-resistant but it definitely doesn’t stop impact noise. Airborne noise has to do with sounds being transmitted through air, such as sounds from Tv and radio sets and the sounds of people talking. The properties of concrete floors (water, cement, aggregate which could be either sand, gravel or both) give … Read more

7 Effective Ways To Soundproof Your Room EE

7 Effective Ways To Soundproof Your Room

I know how difficult it can be for you to have a good night rest when your next-door neighbour decides to test the brand new theatre he just bought. Only that, he keeps testing it every night! When such is the case soundproofing the room is one possible thing that should be done. What soundproofing … Read more

What Is The Best Soundproofing For Walls EE

What Is The Best Soundproofing For Walls

Most sounds are beautiful until you are hearing it at the wrong time or from the wrong place. It becomes a nuisance, it becomes noise that disturbs and irritates making you stressed especially when you are trying to sleep. If this is a problem you are facing then soundproofing for walls is the best thing … Read more