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9 Ways To Keep Your Generator Quiet For A Comfortable Camping

A couple of months ago, I discovered a special way to keep the home generator quieter. It was a generator box to keep the sound in control. This box is a little heavy that’s why it can’t be a suitable option outside when out camping.

Are you looking for camping gear? Well, you will need to find other ways to keep the generator quieter. Most of us usually focus on layering in order to control the noise.

This could be a suitable answer.

A generator is essential for camping outside. Actually, there are so many electronic devices people keep even when they set a camp close to a mountain, forest or a river.

Camping is big fun and brings huge enjoyment.

However, it is important to keep all the communication devices active in order to keep in touch with the rest of the world. Turn on the generator right now and it will produce energy to recharge the phones, tablets, laptops and more.

So how do you avoid the noise that sound that a generator makes? Basically, it is not sound but noise. The generator creates huge noise destroying all the fun. There is a need to pay attention to the best solutions. Do you have some solutions in mind? Those who have no idea about the best ways to keep a generator quieter should focus on the given ideas.

What Makes Your Generator Loud?

There are so many things or factors involved in this matter. It is necessary to determine why a generator produces noise. The obnoxious noise creates a headache that’s why it is important to control it. The structure or build of a generator would be our first point in this discussion.

The Build:

There are several features interconnected when it comes to talking about the structure of a generator. Remember, a generator having a big engine will produce more sound. Similarly, a large engine will require a big body or structure. Generators having a small engine or structure produce less energy so the noise. It would be better to choose 4,000 W or under in order to stay comfortable.

Buy the fuel-efficient inverter generators. These are more efficient as well as quieter. Also, focus on the efforts made by a manufacturer to keep the generator quieter. There are several generators having special soundproof features. For example, some generators (large or small) come with rubber around the engine. This rubber is best to control the vibrations. Control the vibrations and there will be less noise around.

Manufacturers offering user and eco-friendly generators are attractive in this matter. The generators having eco-friendly features are more suitable for noise control. There is no need to develop special structures for these generators.

All you have to do is focus on the best brands available in the markets. Brands having Eco Modes are more famous nowadays. On the other hand, users can also buy the Engine Smart Control Switch. What is the purpose of using eco switches or modes? Remember, the eco switches can control the power consumption as well as the noise.

Don’t forget to focus on the type of fuel being used in the engine. The gas generators are less noisy as compared to diesel engines. Diesel engine based products are louder because of the stronger engine. It would be great to see solar-powered brands. These are best for people who don’t like disturbing noise. However, these generators are only efficient in the day times.

How You Use A Generator?

Definitely, it is important in the matter of noise control. Users who want to lower the noise of a generator should focus on these points.

  • The positioning of a generator.
  • Discover soundproofing methods and implement them.

Would you like a noisy generator away from the campers? Well, in this case, you will require fencing. Create fencing around the generator so its sound will not spread in the air. This will also help to muffle the noise. This method is highly successful even in the open environment.

How to Make It Quieter?

Well, we have discussed some important points about the noise production and control. Remember these things in order to avoid trouble. Also, see the given tactics so you can easily control the noise.

Place the Generators Away:

Yes, this is an important method and it is useful too. Try to place a generator away from your camp. What should be the distance? Well, you can decide it by checking the affordable sound. Most experts recommend placing the generators at least 20 or 30 ft away from your camp. Don’t forget to choose a brand according to the above-mentioned ideas. Just pick the most valuable brand having a stronger engine with a soundproof body.

Read the instructions and find the noise level a generator produces. Most manufacturers claim that a specific engine can produce 50 to 60 decibels of noise. Some manufacturers also paste a label “Quieter” on the products. Try to buy a generator having this tag rather than the ones where this tag is missing.

Tune The Exhaust Pipe:

This is another easy step to control the noise. The exhaust pipe is one of the most important parts of any generator. It is not possible to close it completely. It is necessary to let the smoke out in order to run the engine. Campers who are using generators to produce energy must keep the exhaust pipe up or away from the camp. Simply turn the exhaust pipe in the opposite direction of your camp. This will keep the sound move in the opposite direction and you will enjoy with friends.

Make a Rubber Platform:

Generators having big engines usually shake while running. This also produces noise. How to stop this shaking noise? It is very simple if you keep it on the rubber stand. Is it heavy? No, the rubber stand would not be a heavy object. All you have to create is a rubber base (fixed or detachable).

What about wood, concrete or plastic? Not a single option is suitable to create a base. Actually, all these materials are heavy and it will be difficult to move them around. The basic purpose of putting the rubber base is to stop the vibration. It means that the rubber base will act as an anti-vibration agent.

Would you like to try any other material?

It would be great if you select other options. Don’t forget to see the shock and heat absorption capability of the material. For example, if you are going to use an acoustic foam panel underneath the generator then it will not stand because of the high heat. Instead, you can use the rubber foams or mats. These can handle the heat as well as shock.

Find an Acoustic Barrier:

This is one of the greatest ways to stop the noise. Acoustic barriers or foam panels are commonly being used in the world. Using an acoustic panel or barrier becomes a prominent hindrance between sound and people. This is a natural option for anyone who wants to control noise pollution.

How to choose the best soundproof acoustic barriers? I’ve found this sound insulation mat that works a treat. It is however not difficult finding good options. Just read the reviews or feedbacks about different kinds of acoustic barriers. This reading will assist you to select the most reliable and useful one.

Sound deflectors are very popular in this matter. These are small products having hard pieces to move the sound in a specific direction. Don’t understand the structure? See the TV or Radio and find the hard net in front of the speakers. The same hard structures or pieces can also be used to control the noise produced by a generator.

The sound partitions are also useful to stop the noise. Basically, it is a type of fencing around the generator. Creating this fence around a generator will limit the sound waves coming out of the pit. Do you want to have a portable partition? The VP-6 Portable Partition is the best opportunity for people who are interested to carry the partition wherever they go.

What about Room Dividers, Moving Blankets and Curtains?

Yes, all these materials are preferred choices for the soundproofing at homes or offices. You can use these materials around the generators. Is it recommended? We don’t recommend this idea as it is dangerous. Curtains, moving blankets and room dividers are based on fabric. A piece of fabric can easily pick fire that’s why you should avoid such mistakes. Never think about wrapping a generator with any of them.

Is there any option? Yes, you can cover the generator using these materials but with a distance. For example, you create a special camp covered with moving blankets. Keep the upside portion open so it will let the smoke out. Similarly, it is also possible to use moving blankets or soundproof curtains with the help of PVC pipes.

Bring four PVC pipes and make a structure with them. Hang the moving blankets or soundproof curtains on these pipes so there will be no blockage for the smoke. However, this structure covered with thick fabric will limit the echo and sound.

Removable Rubber Covers:

We have already discussed the role of rubber base to limit vibration and shock impact. Now it is time to develop a soundproof generator using a rubber cover. It is not difficult to make a rubber cover or flap for the generator. Don’t forget to let the exhaust pipe out. Those who have a permanent box should line it with rubber. Remember, rubber is hard, heat-resistant, and absorbs more noise. It is also an easy choice for campers.

Fireproof Insulation:

Another choice to dampen the sound is fireproof insulation. Forget the rubber or other materials. We are talking about the inner lining. Fireproof insulation is an amazing lining material which has excellent sound absorption potential. You can also try the fibreglass, Rockwool insulation as well as mineral wool. What about the airflow? This is a concern for those who are going to use these materials rather than the fireproof insulation.

Are you going to use the fireproof insulation? Those who have decided to use this material for the soundproofing should consider the pretesting. Yes, test the box with a generator running. This will give the right idea about sound deadening. Is there any technical concern?

We have mentioned the concern of airflow but there are other things to notice. For example, you have to see the heat production while the generator operates. The box of rubber, fibreglass or simply fireproof insulation must keep the generator cool.

Cover the generator with this box lined with the fireproof insulation for 5 minutes. This time is enough to test the efficacy of a newly developed box. Is it successful in all aspects? Don’t take tension if results are not according to expectations. There is always room for improvement.

Water Bucket Technique:

Do you have to put the generator inside a water bucket? No, it is a little complicated. You can attach a hose to the exhaust pipe and keep it inside the bucket. This technique is useful as it helps to adjust the vibration or shock being produced by the exhaust pipe.

It would be great to keep the hose in water. In this way, the hose will transfer all the vibrations to water and there will be no sound production. No doubt, there will be little sound but it will not disturb you around. This technique requires little care. Make sure that water doesn’t go inside the exhaust pipe. There are slight chances of water movement due to vibrations. It would be great to keep the water bucket a little away from the generator.

Replace Muffler:

Are all above-mentioned tactics useless? Well, it is not possible but if you still face noise issue then you should try changing the muffler. We are not talking about the neck mufflers people use to avoid the cold. This is about exhaust muffler. Generators have exhaust mufflers just like vehicles.

How to choose the exhaust mufflers? Remember, it is no longer a difficult search. There will be several stores nearby your home. You can also find the online stores where exhaust mufflers are available. Also, focus on different kinds of mufflers. Don’t forget to ensure that a muffler is in good condition. First of all, you should check the existing muffler. Try to repair if it requires little attention. Watch the Do It Yourself videos to repair the generator exhaust muffler. This will save money and time for you.

Buy a Quieter Generator:

This would the final choice. Are you tired of doing all the above-mentioned tactics? Don’t waste your time especially if you know about the quieter generators. With the passage of time, manufacturers have offered several types of generators having a quieter status.

We have mentioned above that manufacturers tag their products with “Quieter” and get an advantage. It is very easy to focus on the quieter products rather than buying one which has no similar features. Those who are buying a generator for the camping should rely on smaller engines. This would be enough.

A generator producing 4,000 W would be perfect for your camping. It will be smaller in size and lighter in weight. These are attractive features for campers who have so many things to carry.



Now you have learned about the best tactics and techniques to enjoy the camping. Loud generators can ruin the enjoyment even in a quiet place. People go to camping for little fun and comfort. It would be great to leave the loud or noisy things behind. What about the power generators? We recommend the campers to select a quieter generator. Do you have an old generator? Those who already have an old model should consider the amazing tactics we have discussed above.