Soundproofing Solutions for Walls, Windows and Curtains

Best Soundproofing Curtains in the Market

Best Soundproofing Curtains for Home

The use of curtains for soundproofing is an effective, yet stylish method to combat noise. To preserve your privacy and serenity, you’ll need to inculcate some soundproofing materials in your room to serve as insulation

How To Reduce Rain Noise on a Roof

How To Reduce Rain Noise on a Roof

When the rainy season comes, it comes with a lot of noise, one of which is the noise you get when rain falls on your roof. Now, you might be thinking this is just for

sound deadening material

Best Sound Deadening Material for your Home

If you’ve been searching online, trying to find some sound deadening material for home use – then no doubt you can tell how much of a minefield it is. This is because there are loads

5 Super Effective Ways To Reduce Noise Between Floors

5 Ways To Soundproof Between Floors

Noise is so irritating, it can make someone ‘go bananas’. When it becomes too much, one thing to do is keep the noise out. Today we will be focusing on how best to reduce noise

Best Materials To Soundproof between Floors.

Best Sound Insulation Between Floors

Is it possible to install insulation between floors? Yes, it is. Noise can be transmitted through floorings, and from neighbouring homes. These noises can be airborne or transmitted through solids (like floorings, walls, ceilings, e.t.c.).