Soundproofing Solutions for Walls, Windows and Curtains

How to Build a Soundproof Room for Music

How to Build a Soundproof Room for Music

Making music is fun, but it can also be challenging. Besides having the right musical instruments, you still need a conducive and quiet environment to make your music. Soundproofing your room for music does two

How To Properly Soundproof Your Room

Properly Soundproof Your Room

People opt for soundproofing their room or spaces for various reasons. However, you should go about things the right way to get the best results. Different methods exist that will help you properly soundproof your

How To Reduce Noise in a Room

When it comes to fixing up, modelling or remodelling our homes, a lot of us put extra thought into making our rooms the perfect retreat or safe space for us. In doing so, we look

What Is The Best Soundproofing For Walls

How To Soundproof Your Hallway

Usually, people dedicate more time to soundproofing rooms and neglect other important parts of a house or building. When you start thinking of how to soundproof your hallway, it’ll become more obvious that it is

Best Materials To Soundproof between Floors.

Best Sound Insulation Between Floors

Is it possible to install insulation between floors? Yes, it is. Noise can be transmitted through floorings, and from neighbouring homes. These noises can be airborne or transmitted through solids (like floorings, walls, ceilings, e.t.c.).

How to Soundproof Your Car from Road Noise

How to Soundproof Your Car from Road Noise

Road trips and commutes are more fun without the noise from the road interfering. That’s all anyone wants in their car; a nice, quiet ride only punctuated by you yelling at another driver and songs